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AssetBook gives you an overview of all your assets in one place. You choose whether you want to connect only one service or all units in your property, company or facility. You get a clear overview so that you can easily follow up everything, in the smoothest possible way.

Smart home systems

With AssetBook you can create your smart home, where you easily control the technology in the house or property. Lighting, garage doors, alarms, heating, fans and much more are controlled from one and the same place – your own platform.

Assetbook tjänst smarta hem-system
AssetBook tjänst belysning


In your platform, you control the entire business’ lighting from one and the same unit. Turn on, off, fog, or set timers on lights in all rooms of the property without even having to be in place. You save energy – and money!

Mesh network

AssetBook gives you the ability to connect multiple mesh networks even though they come from different manufacturers, so you can still control all wireless networks and routers from the same place. Then you can choose the manufacturer you prefer for each device, without having to think about how the device can be integrated with the current network in your home or property.

AssetBook tjänst meshnätverk
AssetBook tjänst golvvärme

Underfloor heating

Via AssetBook, you can connect and control your underfloor heating. With a simple command in the platform, you choose when you want the heat to be on and when it should be off. Of course, you can also control the temperature and see current settings directly in your AssetBook.

Fleet Management

AssetBook collects driving data and all logistics from your trucks, trucks or private vehicles, so you get an overview of all your vehicles directly in the platform. You see driving logs, position on the map and crash detection – while you can reduce environmental impact and costs. You can also see the status and map of available charging posts, and via AssetBook charge people who want to use your charging post.

Assetbook tjänst fleet management
Assetbook tjänst nödbelysning

Emergency lighting

In your platform, you get total control and overview of your emergency lighting and security system. You can monitor and control your emergency lighting yourself, and see immediately when an important function stops working. AssetBook increases your transparency, and your security.

Smart cities

AssetBook helps you manage and control all technology and digital development in the entire district or area. When a new residential area is built, your construction company can control street lighting, construction lighting, pumps, heating and other systems that can interact with each other, directly in the platform. To then be handed over to a customer environment.

assetbook tjänst smarta städer
Assetbook tjänst worker safety

Worker safety

AssetBook increases your and your staff’s security through secure tracking systems. With AssetBook, you can see, among other things, where the elderly who have moved away from home are and where your employees are if something happens. Even when they have left the house or company.

Assetbook Private Cloud

AssetBook Private Cloud is our service for creating a secure and smart storage space on AssetBook’s own servers where all data is stored within the EU (Sweden). Here it is possible to choose a password, two-factor verification, eID or hardware key with fingerprint for access and to create shared and private hard drives

Assetbook tjänst Assetbook private cloud

Curious about how AssetBook would work in your business/home?

Get control with AssetBook

With your own platform in AssetBook, you get control over your devices and your energy consumption. Turn off unnecessary lighting when the room is empty, check the temperature of the heat pump and turn on the floor heating only when hotel guests check in.

Integrate all apps, systems and overviews for all needs

In AssetBook you can integrate all the apps, systems and devices you need. You get a simple overview and can easily connect systems and apps with each other. If you no longer want to use a service, it is of course as easy to delete as it is to add it again.

Secure systems – total control from one view

AssetBook makes otherwise insecure IoT solutions and login systems secure for you to use. All the systems and solutions you use first go through AssetBook’s custom security proxy, designed to counter and stop insecure and unprotected systems. What is unsafe for you or your business to use will never reach your AssetBook.

Create and connect the workplace seamlessly

In a workplace, there are a large number of devices that can waste a lot of money and energy just by standing on unnecessarily. With the help of AssetBook, you can seamlessly interact with the devices and easily manage which devices should be running at what times.

Easy integration of own circuit board solutions via GPIO

Your smart systems can be even smarter! In your platform on AssetBook, you can add all your self-produced circuit boards with GPIO and control them even remotely. Here you can let your imagination flow and let your creativity take over, everything clearly in the same place.

Få kontroll genom att samla alla dina enheter

Gain control by collecting all your devices

At the touch of a button, all your devices become available to control via your own platform.