Our Partners

AssetBook collaborates with most brands and manufacturers. This makes it as easy to add devices from different brands as it is to connect similar systems. And as the market develops, so do we, with new products and solutions for your smart systems.

Aqara Logo

Aqara is a brand under Lumi United Technology that specializes in design and development of products for the smart home. Aqara strives to improve your quality of life at home, your efficiency in the office, and at the same time save energy and save our planet.

Casambi logotyp

Casambi started in 2011 in Finland and is today the market leader in smart lighting via Bluetooth Low Energy. Casambi works with many partners who integrate their hardware for controlling their products. Hence, we are a proud partner to Casambi to help them achieve their goals about being scalable against large customers as industries but also facilities where you want to get a comprehensive solution.

Intelligent inside and out Our products allow you to take control of the charging. With intelligent software and technology, we offer a simpler service, tailored to the individual user. Our app ensures that you get an overview and insight, and helps you manage your products easily and efficiently.

Effekta logotyp

With its origins from 1984, Effekta makes sure that we find out from our premises in the event of a power outage. Their vision says - "The Nordic region's largest player in emergency lighting with the market's highest confidence" We are a proud partner of Effekta and support them in their vision.

Fagerhult logo

Since its inception in 1945, we have been striving to improve people's everyday lives with the help of lighting. Today, Fagerhult is one of the largest and leading lighting actors for the commercial property side. Focus on offices, schools, and hospital environments.

Fibaro Logo

FIBARO gives new life to your home! With products from FIBARO, you get a smart home based on Z-Wave. FIBARO has long been the largest in Z-Wave products.

LK Systems logotyp

LK-Systems is one of the leading companies regarding underfloor heating in real estate. We let you take control whether it is a hotel or private home.

Lumen Radio logotyp

Lumen Radio, with its Airglow, is a significant player in the market for smart street lighting, they have an exciting portfolio of hardware for lighting control that fits in the big arenas.

Sensibo logo

Perfect indoor climate today, for a better climate tomorrow. One third of the world's energy is consumed by heating and cooling indoor spaces. This contributes to CO2 emissions, climate change and poor air quality. That is why we are driven by creating products that help you control your indoor climate, save energy and stay healthy. Together we can influence the climate of our planet.

Signify logo

Signify is the new company name for Philips Lighting. We are a world leader in lighting and offer our customers energy -efficient products, systems and services of the highest quality. We turn bright spots into data points so that more units, places and people can be connected through lighting, which contributes to a safer, more productive and smarter world.

Teltonika logotyp

Teltonika is a global company that is one of our suppliers on sensors and networking equipment. If you want to keep track of your vehicles via Fleet Manager or ensure that the staff is safe in the workplace, their sensors help.

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