About AssetBook

All systems gathered in one platform

Today, most homes and modern businesses have a large amount of technology with different logins, settings and systems to keep track of. Within a larger organization, there are often thousands of systems to keep track of, which are not at all or only partially connected to each other. With AssetBook, all your smart systems are gathered on one platform.

Suddenly you do not have to handle each lamp, heating system, technology and app separately, but instead see everything simply and clearly on the same page. On your screen, you can turn technology on or off, manage settings, and interact with all your smart systems. It will not be easier than that.

Curious about how AssetBook would work in your business/home?

What is AssetBook?

AssetBook brings together all your smart systems – whether for the devices in your home, business, hotel, school, restaurant or for an entire residential area. Your platform on AssetBook gives you a clear overview of all your assets, while of course you can also see every single component in your system. For example, you can see and control the smallest lamp in an entire system of lighting, and you will also receive a notice when it turns off or stops working.

With AssetBook, you no longer have to switch between different systems or upgrade your smart home as soon as new updates are released. Today we work with over 400,000 different assets and sensors for your smart home or business, and we just keep growing.

Whether you want to control the floor heating in several properties at the same time, get a GPS overview of all your company’s cars or simply just want to light a lamp in the home, you will see everything in the same view – your platform in AssetBook.


Get information and current status of your assets. Customize alarms and warnings as well as maximum and minimum levels.

Here’s how it works

AssetBook acts as a gathering place for all your systems and assets. Assets are everything from fire extinguishers, people, places to smart technology and various devices.

We simply want to make it easier for you to manage your devices and systems in your home, property or business. At the touch of a button, all your assets become available to control, via your own platform on AssetBook.

This works because we have gathered and interacted with all your technology in simple, ready-made modules that suit your needs. You choose which modules you need and in just a few clicks we can link them to your account.

Maybe you already have some of your systems assembled and interacted with each other, if you can, for example, control all the room’s lights from one app. But somewhere there, the smart solution usually stops. AssetBook takes over where other smart features end, when you can not add new devices or connect your various smart systems to each other. In your platform on AssetBook, you can add as many or as few devices and existing smart systems as you want.

Få kontroll genom att samla alla dina enheter

Gain control by collecting all your devices

At the touch of a button, all your devices become available to control via your own platform.